Welcome to the new team at Atlantic Coast

My name is Melissa Hudson, I became the new Manager of Atlantic Coast Holiday Park in November 2015. I moved to the Park with my husband Andy, our 16 year old son Harry and our Jack Russell dog Alfie. We have all settled in nicely and we are all looking forward to new beginnings in and around the Park.

We have lived in Hayle for 19 years so know the local area very well, we have lots of 'favourite' places nearby which are great to visit whilst staying at Atlantic Coast Holiday Park. We do get quite enthusiastic about some of the places we visit, we are always happy to share our experiences!

The team at Atlantic Coast consists of myself, Pat Harding - Administration assistant, Paul Geal - General Maintenance Person and Alex Rooney who is our part-time Holiday Park assistant. We are all very busy preparing for the new season starting on 1st March.

Our caravans are looking fresh, clean and inviting! The Park has survived the awful weather through the winter, we have help from a local landscaper who is making a start on planting new plants, bushes and flowers.

The birds are coming back to us, I am a member of the RSPB so I like to seek information and advice on foods and tips to attract the birds. The rabbits have been busy digging holes around the park which is keeping our maintenance worker busy, they have some amazing burrows around the Park and love to run under the caravans.

The team have lots of plans for the new season with some regular events and will keep everyone up to date. We would love to hear about any special memories, photographs or experiences from holidays in Cornwall especially at Atlantic Coast.

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