Cornwall's Top Guide

Surrounding the prestigious county of Cornwall is its wonderful coasts. Brimming with wildlife and character, the rocky cliffs of the south-western county present a great opportunity for water-based activities.  These exhilarating activities can range between scuba diving with seals, and surfing the notorious breakers on the Cornish coastline. However, the prestigious county also offers a large range of indoor activities when the weather is not up to scratch.

One company that offers a thrilling experience is "Kernow Coasteering”, which claims to be the UK's “most westerly adventure activity provider”, delivers a range of cliff and sea activities. It offers people the chance to see inaccessible parts of the coast whilst climbing and swimming. Customers scramble along the coastline, where they face the lively and overwhelming charisma of the sea. The experience has been described as “heart pumping and energetic” and is highly recommended by previous visitors. Prices start from £40 and you need to be over the age of 9.

If you want to experience the dynamic nature of surfing but do not want to embark on a large expedition to the other side of Cornwall to do so, then look no further than the Sunset Surf. This surf school/café is conveniently located just 0.8 miles away from the park and offers great surf-tutoring regardless of your current ability or age. Two-hour lessons start at £30pp, which includes all the equipment you need; a wetsuit and surfboard. 

You are also entitled to a complimentary hot chocolate after your surf! The Sunset Surf also offers equipment hire which includes wetsuits and surfboards which are handy if you don’t own any equipment. The Sunset Surf café serves great food all day and displays a brilliant view over the golden sands of Gwithian beach and over St. Ives Bay. The “friendly” and “passionate” character of this surf hub makes it a must visit, especially due to its convenient 3-minute drive away.

If you enjoy rapid, adrenaline fuelled activities then cast your search towards Coast2Coast Karting.  This karting corporation offers entertainment for all, over 8 years old.  There are 3 kart types, which have engines especially tailored for the user’s age. There are ‘Junior Evo Karts’ which are for under 12’s. Then for under 16’s, there are ‘Single Engine Karts’ which offer more speed for older drivers.  For over 16’s, there are ‘Twin Engine Karts’ which offer blistering pace for the people who dare to take its wheel. The best thing about this company is its’ location. Situated just 10 minutes away from the site, it is ideal for Atlantic Coast customers.

One of Cornwall’s most popular attractions is the Eden Project. It was built in an abandoned clay pit, which had previously been used for 160 years. With it's two bold and striking biomes, it is an astonishing place to visit. The two biomes simulate tropical environments, one of the Rainforest and the other of the Mediterranean. The two artificial habitats house plants only found in secluded locations, so it is not only educational but totally exclusive to England. However, the Eden Project does not stop at giant biomes. If plants aren’t your thing, then you could always try out its zip wire. Covering 660 metres, it reaches speeds of 60 mph and gives you an astonishing bird’s eye view of the site. The Eden Project also provides a giant swing and a leap of faith at 10 meters high. Described as “incredible” and a “must see”, the Eden Project offers activities suitable for everyone is the family! Furthermore, the Eden Project is dog-friendly so you don’t need to leave your pooch in our dog-friendly caravans all day!

For people passionate about animals and nature, the nearby sanctuary ‘Paradise Park’ will surely have the wildlife wow factor for animals. With species ranging from Citron-crested Cockatoo to the Red Pandas of Nepal, this wildlife preservation park is celebrated for presenting fascinating breeds to its’ thrilled customers, having won countless tourism awards. The organisation provides the opportunity for visitors to take part in hands-on customer activities with the animals and birds. ‘Paradise Park’ offers activities like Penguin feeding and petting and also Lorikeet feeding, which can both be truly breathtaking attractions to behold.

 If the weather is not suitable for outside activities, do not worry, as Paradise Park has that covered too. The park has an indoor play place called the ‘play barn’. It features 4 slides with varying heights, so children can choose one they are confident in going down. The ‘play barn’ also has a cafe which serves hot and cold beverages and also snacks. Prices start at £11.95 for Children and £14.95 for adults. If you are so impressed by what ‘Paradise Park’ has to offer that you cannot wait to re-visit, you can purchase a return ticket which costs just £3.99.

Come rain or shine, Cornwall has an array of different activities to offer. However, when the heavens do open over the great county of Cornwall, you need to abandon your beach towels and head indoors. One place to go could be the Bluereef Aquarium. Equipped with the most astonishing animals like the ‘black tip reef shark’ and the ‘giant Pacific octopus’, Bluereef Aquarium is not short of eye-opening species of the sea. Located a 40-minute drive away from the park, the aquarium is sure to deliver. With over 40 different themes and many different types of aquatic animals, the Newquay based aquarium has been described as “interesting” and “most educational”. With prices starting from £7.43, it is definitely a place to consider visiting.

For the people who want to view the latest blockbuster films but do not want to embark on an expedition to do so, Merlin Cinema in St. Ives is sure to deliver. This cinema is situated just outside the heart of St. Ives and is easy to access from the nearby carpark. It is up to date on the latest movies that have been released and offers reasonably priced refreshments and snacks at the till. Ticket prices start from £4.00 for under 14’s and £5.00 for over 15’s. This small but charming cinema has a lot to offer especially on a day when the weather is poor.

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