Local Cornish Event coming up in April

With Spring fast approaching, planning for local events and festivities are already underway. The first popular celebration will on 29th April 2017 in 
Camborne, Cornwall - Trevithick Day

Richard Trevithick was a British inventor and mining engineer from Cornwall, born 13th April 1771. He performed poorly in School but went on to be an early pioneer of steam powered road and rail transport. He developed the first high pressured steam engine and then went on to build the first full scale working railway steam locomotive.  He was born in Illogan and went to a local village School in Camborne.

This picture shows the replica of Captain Dick's (as he was also known) Puffing Devil, the first passenger carrying vehicle powered by steam, made its debut on a road outside Redruth in Cornwall on December 24th, 1801. Stephen Williams one of the 7 passengers recalls "Twas a stiffish hill going from the Weith up to Camborne Beacon". The Puffing Devil turned around to complete its first journey. Unfortunately, a few days later the engine caught fire and was destroyed. A replica of the Puffing Devil is a sight to be seen on the day!

All over the town of Camborne, the streets are vibrant with local trade stalls, choirs, bands and dancers. Children from local Schools are traditionally dressed as Bal Maidens and Miners as they dance through the streets followed by the adults dressed in traditional Cornish black and gold. 

The fun filled day culminates with the parade of steam engines around the town with the Mayor of Camborne taking the salute at Trevithick's statue outside the towns library. Trevithicks Puffing Devil inspired the Cornish folk song 'Camborne Hill' still sung today.

Going up Camborne Hill, coming down
Going up Camborne Hill, coming down
The horse stood still;
The wheels went around;
Going up Camborne Hill, coming down. 

Camborne is only 7 miles away from Atlantic Coast Holiday Park in Hayle, Cornwall and is easily accessed by car or public transport. This makes it the ideal base for enjoying the spectacle of steam and being part of local Cornish traditions. 

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